I don’t simply paint people; I paint a state of freedom.

I try to communicate this mostly through the technique where the environment and the figure can overlap and cross-over each other. Human figures get integrated into their surroundings in a way that makes people seem to be dissolving into the background, they are sort of unlimited.

I want to convey the feeling of freedom and tell a story through my paintings, at the same time, I’d like to leave the room for the viewer to interpret the idea behind each painting in any way they want, so that it can resonate with them more intensely. I feel very satisfied when I can accomplish that.

A while ago I read something that goes like: “Life is full of little moments where you forget who you are, you forget all your worries and you just let go. You become free. I live for those moments.” That’s exactly what my intention was behind these paintings.


I was born in the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe in the 90-s. I’ve been always interested in design, architecture, arts and so on; therefore I took some classes in these areas during high school and college, and eventually decided to pursue a creative career.

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